Ask a patient: Isabela’s Implantable Contact Lens treatment

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18 February 2021

Author: Kate Green

Isabela ICL

Vision correction with Implantable Contact Lenses


Our patient Isabela came to Optimax for treatment around a year ago to fulfil her long-term dream of having vision correction surgery to live life without glasses. Isabela’s prescription was so strong that she was only suitable for Implantable Contact Lens surgery (ICL), whereby a small artificial lens is inserted into your eye. It sits behind your iris and is designed to last for up to 100 years so, providing your visual requirements don’t change, you should feel the benefit of the lens for the rest of your life.


ICLs are most suitable for patients with high prescriptions, significant astigmatism, dry eyes, or thin corneas. While these factors might make you unsuitable for other types of vision correction treatment, they usually don’t stop you from being an ideal candidate for ICL treatment. The beauty of ICLs is also that they can be removed later in life should your visual requirements change, and can be easily replaced if needed. At Optimax, we use the EVO Visian ICL which has resulted in a patient satisfaction rate of 99.78%!


These factors drew Isabela to ICL treatment. We spoke to her a few weeks ago to hear about life since she had treatment at Optimax, as we wanted to talk with her about her ICL experience as a whole. We hope this is particularly useful for anyone considering ICL treatment who would like to learn more about the process.


What made you want to get Implantable Contact Lenses?

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I started to use prescription glasses when I was 6 years old and by the age of 20, the strength of my glasses were negative 8 on both eyes (I am/was short-sighted). As an adult in Brazil, I was told that laser eye surgery was not an option for me at all due to the high strength of my prescription, plus I have a thin cornea. I started to look for options online because I have always hated wearing corrective glasses. I found out about ICLs but I could not seek treatment in Brazil due to the procedure being extremely expensive. When I moved to the UK in 2019, the first thing I looked for after getting a job was a reliable clinic to have it done. In the UK I found out it is completely affordable, and it is not a surgery that you will have to pay off for the rest of your life, so my mind was set on ICL.


How strong was your prescription prior to surgery?


It was around -8 for both eyes. Plus I had 2/2.5 astigmatism, again for both eyes, which made me unsuitable for laser eye surgery.


What was the Optimax experience like in the Manchester and Liverpool clinics?


I liked the experience in both clinics because they made sure all my questions were answered in full. All of the proper tests conducted thoroughly in order to ensure I was a suitable candidate.


How was your recovery process?


I was told I would need around 4 days to recover but by the second day I already felt that my eyesight was absolutely perfect. Part of the recovery is the use of eye drops for a few weeks and avoiding splashing water on your face. I only used cotton wool and a flannel for cleaning my face which was totally doable and not a nuisance. There was also no pain at all in any moment.

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How has life changed after treatment?


Being honest, I can say without being far-fetched, that it was a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to get my eyes fixed and when I had ICL surgery, it was such a weird and overwhelming feeling. It really felt like I had never even worn glasses before! It felt like I have always had perfect eyesight, and the confidence I got was indescribable.


What made you choose Optimax?


I am going to be honest and say it wasn’t a straightforward choice. Having just moved to the UK, I did not know of any clinics known as “reliable” as there were so many options. One day I just searched for the word “ICL” on Facebook and found a post where someone was sharing their accomplishments from that year, which included ICL surgery. It was dated around 5 years ago but I decided to contact this person and hope that they would be nice enough to answer me! I asked which clinic they had the treatment at, how the experience was, and how they felt five years after treatment. This person replied and only had good things to say about the surgery at Optimax, which gave me confidence in the procedure.


Following this, I decided to research more information about the clinic, prices, and the procedure. After reading more, that was it – my mind was made up! I went to Optimax Manchester for my initial consultation and checks, and had my treatment in the Liverpool clinic, due to the surgeon needing specialist lens equipment.


Sometime later, seeing that my surgery was successful, my friend felt enthusiastic about it and because of my recommendation she also underwent surgery with Optimax (and I cashed £50 for the Refer A Friend scheme!).

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Contact us


If you would like to hear more about ICL surgery, please do give us a call on 0800 093 1110, or book in online for a consultation here. We can talk through the options for vision correction available to you and decide whether ICL treatment is suitable for you. We look forward to seeing you in your local clinic soon!

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