Ask a patient: Shona’s Implantable Contact Lens story

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11 March 2021

Author: Kate Green

shona's ICL

The best wedding present… the gift of clear vision!


Back in 2016, with her wedding coming up, Shona decided to look into options for vision correction surgery. She works as a Patient Advisor at Optimax and has guided many patients on their journeys to perfect vision over the years. As a glasses-wearer herself, Shona knew that treatment at Optimax was the next logical step for her.


We spoke to the lovely Shona almost five years on from her Implantable Contact Lens surgery. We wanted to know how the whole process was for her and to hear about how life has changed since having the EVO Visian lenses inserted.


What made you want to get Implantable Contact Lenses?


Having been dependant on glasses for as long as I can remember, I was really keen to have vision correction. What prompted me to finally pursue it was in the run up to my wedding – I didn’t want glasses in my wedding photos. I will admit I did not know much about Implantable Contact Lenses prior to my consultation and, like many people, I thought the only option would be laser treatment. After the optometrist described ICLs to me, my mind was made up. I was really drawn to not only having corrected vision, but for the additional benefits of ICLs as well. Knowing that the Implantable Contact Lenses cater that bit better for higher prescriptions, astigmatism and dry eyes was very encouraging.


How strong was your prescription prior to surgery?


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It was pretty strong. (Right Eye: -7.25/-1.50 x 10. Left Eye: -8.50/-0.25 x 180)


I had relied on glasses since I was a child, and then also wore daily disposable contact lenses as I got a bit older. Without them, I was lost – I had to have my nose to the mirror even to put my makeup on!


What was the Optimax experience like in the Harley Street and Reading clinics?


The experience was seamless. During my consultation in Optimax Reading, everything was explained clearly to me so I understood not only about my options, but also exactly what to expect on the day of treatment. I was given plenty of information about the treating clinic and the surgeon as well. The transparency was really appreciated.


Attending the Harley Street clinic for treatment was an experience in and of itself as well. Being a small town girl, I was a little apprehensive about travelling to London for treatment, but I needn’t have been! The clinic was easy to find, and the staff were warm and welcoming – it put my mind at ease and calmed my nerves immensely. My memory of the treatment itself is a little hazy, but I remember it was quick – before I knew it the helpful post-operative nurse was talking me through my drop regime and making sure I was okay. I remember she was making me laugh and feel relaxed.


How was your recovery process?


Overnight and the first couple of weeks I had difficulties with the pressure in my eyes and it took a while for the glare around artificial lights to settle, but through the aftercare provided and the expert advice of the surgeon and optometrists, my mind was put at ease and everything did settle down within a short space of time. They said it would and they were right!

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Visually, however, the recovery was very fast. I remember sitting up in the treatment room once Mr Saeed had finished treating, looking across the room and being able to see the clock! I blurted out the time, which must have seemed a bit strange to the nurses, but it was the first time I had been able to see across the room without glasses and I was so pleasantly surprised! By the end of the week my vision was better than driving standard, and remains so to this day almost 5 years later.


Some people might think that of course I speak so highly about it because I work for the company – but I wouldn’t work for the company if I wasn’t happy and if I didn’t believe whole heartedly, first-hand in what we do.


How has life changed after treatment?


Life is completely different after treatment. That may sound dramatic, but when you have been so reliant on glasses, it makes a big difference. It was wonderful to not have to worry about contact lenses and/or glasses for my wedding – with everything else to plan and prepare for, not having to work out when I’d need to take my lenses out, or the reflection from glasses in photographs was a big weight off my mind. And going on my honeymoon and not having to worry about prescription sunglasses, or not really being able to see whilst swimming just made it that extra bit special.


Day to day life is the biggest difference, however. That extra five minutes in the morning where I would have been putting in contact lenses, doing my makeup at a reasonable distance to the mirror, not steaming up in winter when you walk inside from the cold! Even being able to recognise faces in the street at a distance and reading road signs… having Implantable Contact Lenses is truly liberating.

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If you would like to hear a bit more about Implantable Contact Lenses, please do read our information page on them. If you’d like to chat to a customer advisor on the phone, feel free to give us a call on 0800 093 1110, or book a consultation online. We would love to discuss vision correction options with you and find a treatment which will work for you and your prescription.

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