Ask a patient: Taylor’s LASIK story

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23 March 2021

Author: Kate Green

Taylor's LASIK story

Taylor’s LASIK laser eye surgery


We recently spoke to our patient Taylor, a downhill mountain bike racing champion, all about his LASIK journey at Optimax. Taylor has competed in the World Cup for his sport and has an incredibly active lifestyle. Glasses were a no-go as he has to wear a protective helmet whilst riding, and contact lenses also pose some risk of slipping, especially when cycling through obstacles at speed.


Having laser eye surgery made perfect sense for Taylor, both to help him excel in his career and to prevent the small day-to-day annoyances that come with glasses and contact lenses. In a sentence, Taylor summed up his LASIK experience: “It’s brilliant to be able to fully concentrate on my riding and not worry about my contact lenses going blurry.” The quick recovery time of LASIK procedures meant that he was back on his bike in no time!


We asked Taylor a few more questions about his Optimax journey to hear all about how LASIK has improved his racing experience and benefitted his career.


What made you want to get laser eye surgery?


I’ve always struggled with my contacts lenses, especially while racing. The main reason for me wanting laser eye surgery was to be able to focus on competing without worrying about anything else, especially my vision! While racing at high speeds through trees and rocks, your eyesight is the last thing you want to worry about. Contacts were very unpredictable and that wasn’t ideal when I was racing at the highest level of the sport. 

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How was your Optimax experience in the Bristol and Cardiff clinics?


Optimax were super helpful in the process and super quick to see me, even during the pandemic. I went for my consultation in the Cardiff clinic and had the treatment options explained to me thoroughly. I was happy after my discussion with the optometrist and made a booking that day for my operation to take place the week after! 


How was your recovery process?


Recovery was good. I had an astigmatism which meant it took me a little longer to get full vision after the treatment. But within 2 days I was back at work and getting on with my day. I took it easy for a couple of weeks and jumped back on the bike just 2 weeks after. It’s pretty impressive!


How has life changed after treatment?


It’s so nice to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about contact lenses. No discomfort from contacts and no glasses. I feel like I’ve been re born with new eyes!


What made you choose Optimax?


I chose Optimax as they filled me with confidence right from the start. Everything was easy from understanding the procedure down to the customer care. I couldn’t recommend laser eye surgery more and I would definitely suggest using Optimax.


If you, like Taylor, could benefit from laser eye surgery to make your life easier, get in touch with us on 0800 093 1110. You can also request your free info pack here, or book in for your free consultation online here. We’re here to help you live a hassle-free life without glasses or contact lenses and achieve the vision you deserve!

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