How much does laser eye surgery cost in 2022?

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23 March 2022

Author: Kate Green

laser eye surgery prices

Prices mentioned in this blog post are correct as of March 2022. Please check our treatment cost page for the most up-to-date pricing.


Fixed, transparent pricing


One of the main questions we get from patients is regarding the cost of their vision correction treatment. This is understandable as it allows people to select a treatment which is suitable for them and which has a realistic price tag. We have tried to make our treatments as accessible as possible, so we provide interest free payment plans over 12 months, or interest-bearing payment plans over up to 48 months, in order to spread the cost as much as possible.


At Optimax, something we are proud of is our fixed pricing structure. We don’t believe it’s fair to charge patients based on their prescription. As a company, it doesn’t cost us anything more to treat a higher prescription, so there’s no reason for us to vary the cost that our patients pay based on their visual acuity. We also want our pricing to be as easy as possible to understand so, unlike some other eye surgery providers, we don’t do ‘from’ prices.


You can see which treatment you’re most likely to be suitable for by entering your prescription details on our website here.


How much does laser eye surgery cost?


Laser eye surgery is our most popular treatment due to the quick procedure time and short recovery period. We offer both LASIK and LASEK (you can read about the difference between the two types of laser eye surgery here) and we charge the same price for both – £1,995 per eye. This price is also inclusive of Wavefront technology, which is something that other providers often charge extra for. Wavefront means that your treatment is personalised, giving sharper visual results. On top of this, it’s also thought to be even safer than standard laser eye surgery (without Wavefront technology) because less tissue is removed from your eye during treatment.

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If you were to spread the cost of laser eye surgery over 12 months (interest free), you would pay back £145.41 per eye per month. If you spread the cost over 48 months (interest bearing at 9.9% APR), you would pay back just £43.82 per eye per month. The amounts take into account a £250 deposit paid upfront per eye.


You can read more about our laser eye surgery payment plans here.


How much does implantable contact lens surgery cost?


Implantable contact lenses (ICLs) are a great alternative for people who find themselves unsuitable for laser eye surgery due to a number of factors. This could include a strong prescription, dry eyes, thin cornea and more. Implantable contact lenses sit in front of your eye’s natural lens and behind the iris, so they’re invisible to anyone looking at you. ICLs are designed to last for the rest of your lifetime, making them a great investment, especially when you begin to take into account all the costs associated with contact lenses and glasses over the years.


We have a fixed price of £3,245 per eye for ICL surgery, regardless of your prescription. We request a £500 deposit per eye before treatment, leaving a total monthly cost of £228.75 per eye if you were to pay over 12 months (interest free). If you were to pay over 48 months (at 9.9% APR), you would repay £68.93 per eye per month.


How much does cataract surgery cost?


Cataract surgery is a sight-saving procedure performed hundreds of thousands of times in the UK each year. Cataracts occur naturally with age and are particularly common in people in their 70s and 80s. Visiting Optimax for cataract surgery allows you to avoid the NHS waiting list, and means you can have the surgery before your sight has deteriorated so much that you can’t carry out simple daily tasks.

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We have a price of £2,745 per eye for standard cataract surgery. Over 12 months, after having paid a £500 deposit, you will pay £187.08 per month per eye. At the other end of the spectrum, over 48 months (at 9.9% APR), you will pay just £56.37 per eye each month. These prices reflect the cost of our standard cataract lens. We also offer the opportunity to upgrade to one of three different types of lenses: standard monofocal, premium monofocal, or multifocal. You can read more about the costs of these lenses in the next paragraph on lens replacement surgery cost.


How much is lens replacement surgery?


Lens replacement surgery is a brilliant option for people who are typically aged from 45 onwards. This is because exchanging your eye’s natural lens provides the opportunity to live life free from reading glasses, as well as standard prescription glasses and contact lenses. An added benefit is that you can no longer develop a cataract once your eye’s natural lens has been removed – effectively killing two birds with one stone.


You can read about the different types of lenses available on our website here. In terms of costs, our standard monofocal lens is £2,995 per eye, our premium monofocal lens is £3,245 per eye, and our multifocal lens is £3,495 per eye. The type of lens you opt for will depend on your visual requirements, as well as your lifestyle. Your optometrist at Optimax will recommend a lens for you based on your requirements and desired outcome from lens replacement surgery.

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You can see a full price breakdown of the three different types of lenses available here, along with payment plans for 12, 18, 24 and 48 months.


If you have any questions regarding any of our treatments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to discuss queries with you over the phone (0800 093 1110) or email (

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