Laser eye surgery: Common fears and myths

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11 April 2019

Author: Kate Green

Laser Eye Surgery common fears and myths

What are the most common laser eye surgery fears?


We know that choosing to have laser eye surgery is a big decision and it’s something that people spend years putting off for a whole host of different reasons. But when we speak to our patients after their procedures, the thing most of them say is “why did I wait so long?” A lot of people needing laser eye surgery worry about the safety aspect of the procedure, the post-operative complications, and the potential pain that comes with it. There’s a lot of scaremongering surrounding laser eye surgery, so we’re here to dispel some of the rumours and talk about why nobody should fear making the leap and getting it done themselves!


Will it hurt?


Contrary to popular belief, there are no needles involved in laser eye surgery! The surgeon will give you anaesthetic eye drops before beginning the procedure, ensuring that you’ll feel no pain from the laser. You’ll be awake throughout as it’s safer to use a local anaesthetic, rather than a general anaesthetic, for a minimally-invasive operation like this. If you do feel anxious – which is common among LASIK and LASEK patients – you can also be given a mild sedative to help you relax. Once the anaesthetic eye drops have begun to take effect, the surgeon will begin the procedure. You might feel some slight pressure on your eye, but lots of patients say they don’t feel anything at all!


What if I move?


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Lots of people are worried about accidentally blinking or sneezing during the procedure, and about the damage it might do while the laser is on their eye. Fear not, because once your eyes have been numbed, the surgeon will use an instrument to hold them open, and all you need to do is look straight ahead for about 45 seconds. At Optimax, we use motion tracking technology throughout the procedure, meaning that if you do accidentally hiccup or otherwise move your eye, the laser will shut off automatically. A small computer within the laser itself also monitors your eye movement around 4,000 times a second to ensure complete accuracy.


What about post-surgery complications?


No surgery in the world is without risks, but over 30 million people have had laser eye surgery, including the rich and famous, and the vast majority of patients report drastically improved vision following the procedure. In fact, most people obtain 20/20 vision – or better! The biggest problem people encounter following the surgery is infection but, as we give you antibiotic eye drops to be used in the time after the procedure, the risk of this is very low. Our consultants at Optimax will only put you forward for surgery if they believe that it is low-risk and that you have the highest chances of achieving 20/20 vision. This in itself reduces your risk of post-surgery complications.


Around half of our laser eye surgery patients experience dry eyes following the procedure, but this improves as the eye heals, and disappears for most people after a couple of months. We’ll give you lubricating eye drops to help with any discomfort, but it’s usually a temporary condition for most patients. There is a small chance (around 4%) that you might need enhancements following the initial procedure if your vision is still blurry after three months but, again, this is very rare and is easily remedied.

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What about the costs?


Finally, we move onto something which concerns people when it comes to all products and services: the financial costs. If you’re considering laser eye surgery, you’re probably already forking out quite a bit for glasses and contacts. Over the years, these costs really do start to mount up so, in the long run, laser eye surgery may not be quite as expensive as you think. Some patients believe that the cost of the procedure pays for itself over just a few years, particularly when it comes to saving on new frames.


At Optimax, unlike some other laser companies, we don’t vary our prices according to prescription. You’ll pay the same whether you’re long-sighted, short-sight, or have astigmatism. We even offer payment over 36 months at 0% which can work out at as little as £42.38 per month. We also have credit options available, so just visit our payments page to see how we can make this affordable for you.


There really is nothing to fear when it comes to laser eye surgery. Our experienced surgeons and consultants will make sure that you receive the best treatment possible, you won’t feel any pain during the procedure, and the laser is on each eye for less than a minute. Get in touch with us or request a free information pack to see which treatment will work best for you. Don’t let the myths surrounding laser eye surgery put you off!

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