Spring is here! Unfortunately, for many of us, spring comes with seasonal allergies that leave our eyes red, puffy, and itchy. Why does this happen to us every year? What can we do to help our eyes enjoy the spring season better? What Causes Seasonal Allergies? Technically, allergies aren’t limited […]

It’s well known that smoking can be associated with certain types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. However, many people don’t realize smoking increases the risk of many eye conditions. If you’re a smoker, the good news is by quitting you can reduce your risk of many eye diseases. Read on […]

28 July 2020 Author: Kate Green Do you wear contact lenses?   If you’re one of the 4 million British people that wear contact lenses, you probably know about some of the hassles that come with them. These range from having to take your lenses out before having a quick […]

It’s almost time for The Exchange 2015, Vision Source’s North American Meeting in Phoenix.  The Exchange®, Vision Source’s annual meeting, has grown to one of the largest in all of optometry. The 2014 Exchange in Boston attracted more than 3,000 doctors, staff, friends, family and vendors. The 2015 Exchange® promises to […]

Almost half of the eye injuries that happen each year happen at home! That means that, in the places people should be safest, they’re still getting over a million eye injuries a year. The good news is that eye injuries are easy to prevent, so let’s take a look at […]

22 December 2020 Author: Kate Green Dreaming of a bright Christmas   Christmas lights are top of the festive favourites list for many people. Whether they’re wrapped around your Christmas tree, or adorning the front of your house, they definitely help spread the festive cheer – which is perhaps needed […]

In the UK alone, over 4 million people wear contact lenses and this figure has risen steadily over the last couple of decades. Despite their popularity, contact lenses come with a variety of issues, from decreasing the amount of oxygen reaching your eyes and occasionally slipping off-centre, to requiring regular cleaning and bringing […]