02 September 2021 Author: Kate Green Classroom learning can highlight problems with vision   It’s that time of year again and parents across the country are likely breathing a sigh of relief as they drop their children off at the school gates. There can be so much to remember for […]

08 July 2021 Author: Kate Green Why do your eyes feel heavy when tired?   We’ve all been there when it gets past our bedtime – that heavy-lidded feeling that tells us the land of nod beckons. Even if you don’t feel particularly tired in yourself, the feeling of your […]

25 March 2021 Author: Kate Green What is tunnel vision?   Tunnel vision is a visual defect which affects your peripheral vision, narrowing the field of what you can see. Your side vision may disappear completely, allowing you to only see a small circle in front of your eyes. While […]

Cosmetics have come a long way from the toxic powders used in the Renaissance and Victorian eras. We’re very happy that modern makeup is free of ingredients like lead, arsenic, and mercury. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s all perfectly safe to have around the eyes. The old saying might be […]

22 July 2021 Author: Kate Green Am I a candidate for LASIK or LASEK?   One of the most important parts of your laser eye surgery journey is ensuring that you are suitable for treatment. This is something we check on your first consultation with us, long before we have […]

The summer is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can slack off on eye safety. No matter what kind of summer water activity you like best, make sure to follow these safety tips to keep your eyes healthy and protected while you’re underwater. […]

One of the first things we notice about someone when we meet them is their eyes. The color, the shape, the expression, the eyelashes and eyebrows. In this post, we’re just going to focus on the color, because it’s a lot more complicated than you might expect! How Common Is […]