One of the first things we notice about someone when we meet them is their eyes. The color, the shape, the expression, the eyelashes and eyebrows. In this post, we’re just going to focus on the color, because it’s a lot more complicated than you might expect! How Common Is […]

24 March 2022 Author: Kate Green What does your baby see in their first year?   As you look lovingly into your baby’s eyes, have you ever wondered just how much they can actually see? Well, it’s entirely dependent on how old they are, as their vision changes so much […]

We are always talking about how amazing our eyes are! But have you ever stopped to think about how remarkable animals’ eyes can be? Sight is important to us as human beings, but for animals in the wild, vision is a matter of life and death. And due to differences in […]

How much do you know about conjunctivitis (pink eye)? The main symptoms of pink eye are the redness that gives it its common name, itchiness, and either thick or watery discharge. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the clear outer layer of tissue that covers the surface of our eyes and […]

Whether you have plans for a spontaneous weekend away or a long trip abroad, if you’re a contact lens wearer it’s important to know how and what to pack so nothing gets in the way of seeing the sights. The following are ten tips for packing effectively when traveling with […]

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about your contact lenses, but keeping your eyes healthy is your eye doctor’s top priority. Technology is always evolving and improving, yet many eye care professionals (ECPs) admit that they worry about their patients’ eyes—even if they’re wearing 1 day disposable […]

27 August 2020 Author: Alex Martins-Hesp It’s the season of thunderstorms in the UK, and we’ve already witnessed some fantastic spectacle this month. The loud claps of thunder and lightning dancing in the sky, we all know what to expect from an excellent British storm. It’s something that has been […]