Optimax surgeon Dr. Bhojani treats her niece with LASIK surgery

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24 September 2019

Author: Kate Green

Dr. Bhojani treats her niece with LASIK surgery

A family affair


At the beginning of August, we treated 19 year old Zahra in Optimax Leicester. She had worn glasses for the past 12 years and knew that vision correction treatment was something she had wanted for a long time. Playing for a netball team and having an all-round active lifestyle meant that glasses and contact lenses became inconvenient and impractical – particularly with Zahra’s water-based hobbies like swimming and jet-skiing.


“I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old. I’m short-sighted but I play quite a lot of sport, especially netball, so glasses aren’t always practical. I have to put in contacts every time I play, so it will be great to not have to do that.”


Zahra’s path to considering laser eye surgery was simpler than that of most patients, as her aunt is Optimax’s very own Dr. Bhojani! We spoke to Zahra before her treatment about how she was feeling:


“I really wanted my aunt to be the one to treat me. Knowing that she can perform the procedure made my decision much easier and she’s just really put me at ease. My excitement is definitely outweighing the nerves!

I’m most looking forward to waking up in the mornings and just being able to see. When my mum comes into my room in the mornings, it will be so nice to actually focus on her face!”


All about LASIK


Zahra was found suitable for LASIK treatment, which is a type of laser eye surgery. We offer two types of laser eye surgery at Optimax: LASIK and LASEK. They differ in the way in which the top corneal layer is removed. For a LASIK procedure, which is what the majority of our patients are found suitable for, two lasers are used. The first laser creates a flap, allowing the top of the cornea to be lifted. This exposes the middle layer of the cornea, where a second laser is applied to in order to correct the patient’s prescription. The flap can then be replaced and most patients are back at work within a day or two.

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Some patients are more suitable for LASEK, which is a slightly different procedure. The eye’s epithelium (top layer) is softened with a dilute alcohol solution and is gently moved to the side, exposing the middle corneal layer. The laser is then applied in the same way as with LASIK treatment, but the epithelial cells must regrow which causes a slightly longer recovery period. This treatment is more suitable for patients with thin corneas or who participate in contact sports, as it lowers the risk of corneal flap complications.



Zahra’s LASIK recovery process


Zahra is heading off to university this year, so her last summer at home was perfect timing to undergo laser eye surgery. We caught up again just 24 hours after her procedure:


“My recovery is going really well! It’s much better than I expected and I’m at full vision now. I’ve got a tiny bit of swelling but hardly anything noticeable – I’m really happy!”


Typically, recovery after LASIK is the quickest of all laser eye surgery procedures, which explains why Zahra was so delighted with her vision just one day after treatment. We recommend waiting one month after treatment to take part in water sports, in order to ensure that your eyes are fully healed and safe from water-borne infections. Zahra wasted no time and was down in Cornwall for a surfing trip just five weeks later in September.


“It’s the first time I’ve not had to worry about spare contact lenses, keeping my glasses safe or having any concerns about my eyes. Not only has laser eye surgery allowed me to do so many more things, but allows me to do them care-free which makes it even more fun!”


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The final verdict


What are Zahra’s final thoughts on her Optimax experience?


“Laser eye surgery has been truly amazing. Not only has it really changed my life, but the processes and the staff at the Optimax Leicester clinic were so kind and helpful.

I now recommend laser eye surgery to everyone I know. Both my siblings are specs wearers and at any opportunity I like to remind them that I no longer have to wear glasses. I think they are both secretly a bit jealous and so now even they are starting to consider the surgery! I’ve gone from having the worst eyesight in family and in my friend group to having the best. All I can say is laser eye surgery truly is magic.”


If you’re thinking about getting rid of your glasses and contacts too, give us a call on 0800 093 1110 or email enquiry@loveyourlenses.com for further information. You can also book in for a free consultation at your nearest clinic to see if you’re suitable for Laser Eye Surgery, and to discuss a treatment plan for your vision correction.

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