Love Your Lenses

When we think of sunburns, most of us probably imagine sandy beaches and summer heat, but we can get sunburned in any season, including winter. In fact, winter can be even more dangerous in some ways. Just because most of our skin is bundled up from the cold, that doesn’t […]

14 January 2020 Author: Kate Green What is night blindness?   Night blindness, also known as nyctalopia, is a condition which means your eyes are unable to adapt to low-light conditions. This means that simple everyday activities, such as driving in the dark or popping to the bathroom during the […]

Summer is almost here, and that means longer days with more sunlight! We tend to spend more time outdoors in the warm summer months, which exposes our eyes to more sunlight and the harmful UV rays that come with it. Sunglasses that block UV rays are great for protecting our […]

17 March 2022 Author: Kate Green Impacts of virtual reality on eye health   Technological advancements are a brilliant phenomenon. They have saved countless lives, made us much more efficient, and have helped us to understand the world around us, not to mention areas far beyond our planet. There’s no […]

Spring is here! Unfortunately, for many of us, spring comes with seasonal allergies that leave our eyes red, puffy, and itchy. Why does this happen to us every year? What can we do to help our eyes enjoy the spring season better? What Causes Seasonal Allergies? Technically, allergies aren’t limited […]

It’s well known that smoking can be associated with certain types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. However, many people don’t realize smoking increases the risk of many eye conditions. If you’re a smoker, the good news is by quitting you can reduce your risk of many eye diseases. Read on […]