Love Your Lenses

From the early days of purely glass lenses to the advanced materials we use now, the technology in prescription lenses is constantly improving. Today, special lens coatings improve and protect our vision in ways we could only dream of before. Anti-reflective Coating Eliminates Lens Reflections Have you ever noticed a […]

Are you interested in wearing contact lenses? You should know that there are special tests done during eye exams for contacts that are not done during an eye exam for eyeglasses. So if you are interested in getting contacts, you should let your eye doctor know ahead of time so […]

How often do you think of improving your eating habits or forget to take your supplements? If you understand how important a balanced nutrition is for your overall health but feel unsure about what to eat to obtain those nutrients, just take a look at the top tips below. It […]

07 June 2022 Author: Kate Green Alcohol consumption and your eye health   We’ve just had the long-awaited four day weekend to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, celebrated with street parties up and down the country. For many people, it was as much about indulgence as it was about paying […]

The way we perceive the world depends largely on our mood. Have you ever felt angry and as a result, little things annoyed you that usually wouldn’t? Have you ever felt so happy that seemingly nothing could bring you down? We have all had these experiences, but did you know that […]

While some people are die-hard 3D moviegoers, others struggle to see the characters come to life and leap off the screen. Why is this? And what does it have to do with our eyes? 3D Entertainment Attempts To Imitate Normal Vision Put simply, 3D films attempt to imitate how we see […]

Another summer behind us, another school year just ahead. So much to do to get ready. As you rush around getting new school clothes and school supplies, don’t forget to schedule your student’s back-to-school eye exam. This is an essential step for school readiness because poor vision can be a […]