Should you get cosmetic eye surgery?

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21 November 2019

Author: Kate Green

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Laser isn’t all we do


Did you know that we provide more than just laser eye surgery at Optimax? As well as a range of cataract and lens treatments, we also offer cosmetic eye surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty. This is a procedure where we remove excess skin, fat and muscle from around the eye to create a lifted, more youthful look. With age, the skin around the eyes is particularly susceptible to looking more wrinkled at it stretches. It might leave your eyes looking puffy and perhaps hooded.


We can carry out cosmetic eye surgery on both upper and lower eyelids and treatment is performed under a local anaesthetic. The fat and muscle which is removed from one area around your eye might be re-positioned in another area to provide fuller, plumper looking skin. Further to this, your surgeon will create incisions along the natural folds in your skin to minimise the visibility of any potential marks afterwards.


The procedure usually takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete and we recommend that you take around one week off work to recover. Most patients are back to their usual routine within two weeks and any potential swelling and bruising also begins to subside around this point.


We offer the treatment in three Optimax clinics: Harley Street, Cardiff and Newton Abbot. All cosmetic procedures are carried out by Dr Moayedi, a highly regarded consultant ophthalmic surgeon.


Minor eyelid surgery


Aside from cosmetic eye surgery, we also offer eyelid surgery to remove lumps and bumps that have grown on the upper or lower lids. In most cases, they are caused by a blocked oil gland or bacteria building in an eyelash follicle. These lumps are usually painless, although sometimes do cause discomfort, and can go away on their own. However, for cases where they don’t disappear with home treatment – or for when they keep growing and begin to interfere with vision – there is treatment available at Optimax.

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We offer a minor surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthetic to remove the bumps from your upper and lower lids. The treatment is relatively quick and is usually completed in around 20 minutes. We offer the surgery at the following Optimax locations: Cardiff, Leicester, Liverpool, Newton Abbot, Reading and Southampton.


If you are interested in our cosmetic eye surgery procedures, please do get in touch by calling 0800 093 1110 or by emailing We can book you in for a consultation with our specialist surgeons to discuss your needs and expectations for treatment at Optimax.

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