Stay in the shades for healthy eyes this summer

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22 June 2016

Author: James Seton

Wear sunglasses for healthy eyes in summer

Don’t be fooled by these grey summer days – the sun’s rays can pass through haze and thin clouds, so protect your eyes with UV- blocking sunglasses.


Serious eye conditions can take many years to develop, and can gradually worsen without protection. Babies and kids in particular need to wear hats and sunglasses, although people of all ages should take precautions whenever they are outdoors.


Exposure to UV light raises the risks of eye diseases, including cataract, growths on the eye, and cancer.


Growths on the eye can show up in our teens or twenties, and those particularly at risk include surfers, skiers, fishermen and farmers. Anyone who spends long hours exposed to the sun or in the UV-intense conditions found near rivers, oceans and mountains should also take precautions.

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