What is Wavefront technology for laser eye surgery?

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06 April 2021

Author: Kate Green

what is wavefront

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Wavefront technology for increased precision


At Optimax, we use Wavefront technology for all of our laser eye surgery procedures. We have one price of £1,995 per eye for all laser eye surgery patients, regardless of your prescription, and this price includes Wavefront treatment (also known as iDesign). Wavefront provides better results with more accurate treatment tailored specifically to your visual requirements, and we offer this to all of our patients as we believe everyone should benefit from it.


How does Wavefront laser eye surgery work?


Wavefront technology involves obtaining a unique map of each eye as a whole, and not just your corneal surface. We conduct some scans at your initial consultation to create the map, gathering data from hundreds of points across your eye. These points vary from person to person, and even between your own two eyes, so it helps us to programme the laser with settings very specific to your own prescription and eye characteristics.


The machine we use for this scan analyses the surface of your cornea with thousands of light waves, marking every irregularity, lump or bump. These imperfections affect the way that light refracts into your eye, causing blurred vision and leading to the need for glasses. Smoothing out these irregularities with Wavefront guided laser treatment is how we achieve 20/20 vision for our patients.

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What are the benefits of Wavefront laser eye surgery?


Your eye is as unique as your fingerprints are, so it’s obvious that there can’t be a “one size fits all” approach to laser eye surgery. Millions of people across the globe have the same prescription, but no two Wavefront maps are the same. Even people with the same prescription will have differences in their vision! The main benefit of Wavefront technology is that your treatment is personalised, giving sharper visual results. However, it’s also thought to be even safer than standard laser eye surgery (without Wavefront technology) because less tissue is removed from your eye during treatment.


The accuracy provided by the Wavefront map means that we can target blemishes which may otherwise remain on the cornea, should you have opted for standard laser eye surgery. At Optimax, we don’t believe in offering standard laser eye surgery when including Wavefront is so straightforward and enhances your vision so much more.


Who is suitable for Wavefront laser eye surgery?


If you’re suitable for standard LASIK or LASEK, you’ll be suitable for Wavefront treatment! Your suitability for laser eye surgery depends on several factors, including your prescription, age, pupil size and corneal thickness. You can check your suitability here to find out if laser eye surgery is the right option for you and your visual requirements.


Generally, if you’re over the age of 18, have had a stable prescription for two or more years, and haven’t given birth or breastfed in the last three months, you are likely to be suitable for laser eye surgery.

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We would love to welcome you in for a free consultation where we will conduct a number of tests and eye examinations, including a Wavefront map. This consultation confirms whether you are suitable for treatment, as well as allowing us to recommend you for either LASIK or LASEK. You can book online here, or give us a call on 0800 093 1110 if you would like to chat to an advisor about treatment.

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